Digital Work Instructions

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An innovative solution that can revolutionize your current practices and dramatically increase your productivity and we want to share this with you today. The solution is called digital work instructions by VKS.

This is great software and can help us with below

 1.Is getting the right information taking your more time than necessary?

No need to waste time trying to find information in voluminous manuals. Simply scan a barcode and instantly upload the correct procedure!

2.Are your employees struggling to follow standard work instructions?

With VKS, make simple, visual, and relevant work instructions that will ensure compliance. Easily upload images, videos, and audio to make clear and precise guidebooks.

3. Are your quality checklists, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) still on paper?

Take the digital turn with paperless work instructions!

VKS – Visual Knowledge Share – is multilingual with Google Translate fully integrated. Enforce compliance by writing digital documentation that will appeal to your employees in the language they understand best. Increase quality and productivity with effective work methods by using VKS, the solution your company needs to use to become the smart factory of the future!!! What do you think about this solution? Are you currently using a similar process? Share your thoughts with us!